Shipwreck Coast II


This is a fresh update of my first Shipwreck Coast map, which was published in a magazine in 2017. This newly revised map does a much better job of showing why  this 80-miles stretch of Michigan’s northern shore earned it’s other chilling moniker: “Graveyard of the Great Lakes.” Since around 1836 over 600 ships and their crew have vanished beneath the waves, from any one or more of the hazards of sailing on Lake Superior. All of the Great Lakes have seen an extraordinary share of wrecks — some experts put the total at upwards of 10,000 — but conditions on Lake Superior are the worst of them all, particularly in the fall.

I think this revision my Shipwreck Coast map offers a more complete perspective of this region. and maybe sparks renewed interest in the maritime history of Lake Superior and it’s victims.