The Great Lakes


The Milwaukee County Historical Society is preparing for a new major exhibit about the Great Lakes and Milwaukee’s role as a “Water Centric City.” When they needed quality, custom-made maps to display in their interpretive exhibits, they asked if I could help. These are among a series of 10 maps I was commissioned to make for this exhibition (due to open in January 2021 and running through 2022).

Among the Great Lakes maps I created were: Great Lakes Basin…Wisconsin’s Diversion Dilemma…Wisconsin’s recent glaciation…Wisconsin’s Ecological Landscapes….Invasive Mussels…and Great Lakes in profile. Though these maps are not really “illustrated maps” — but rather designed to be more educational, museum-style — they were no less fun to work on! No matter what the style, I love making maps. And these were especially enjoyable, as I have lived next to Lake Michigan most of my life.