Hats of the World


I’ve always been captivated by hats and caps. There is so much diversity throughout history and time and cultures! Originally hats were worn for protection from the elements, most notably the sun/heat, precipitation and cold. But they have been used for so many other functions, such as for ceremonies and fashion. They developed into important symbols of status and class. And they evolved with a wide variety of jobs and occupations. For this project I chose 29 hats and caps from around the globe; they should be recognizable to most people. I tried to position them close to the country of origin or popularity, or at least near where the particular hat is commonly worn. I chose:

  1. Trapper hat
  2. Western
  3. Fedora
  4. Baseball cap
  5. Sombrero
  6. Trilby
  7. Panama
  8. Rasta cap
  9. Cadet cap
  10. Chullo
  11. Bolero
  12. Flat cap
  13. Tam O’Shanter
  14. Bowler
  15. Beret
  16. Alpine
  17. Fiddler
  18. Toque
  19. Fez
  20. Pith helmet
  21. Kufi
  22. Kippah
  23. Cossack
  24. Urshanka
  25. Sherpa
  26. Dastar
  27. Boonie
  28. Slouch
  29. Rice hat

This is a personal project created using Procreate for iPad and Adobe Photoshop.