Sunken Cities


This world map is illustrated with artifacts or ruins found at archaeological sites of cities through antiquity that have been lost to the waves. Whether by earthquake, volcano, rising sea levels or some other cataclysm, countless waterfront towns, villages and metropolises around the globe have sunk to a watery grave. I made this map for a call for maps for a new atlas by Guerrilla Cartography (their mission is to widely promote the cartographic arts and facilitate an expansion of the art, methods, and thematic scope of cartography, through collaborative projects, hosting theme-based community workshops and symposiums, and mounting public exhibitions). According to GC, Shelter: An Atlas endeavors to map shelter in its myriad contexts and conditions and at all scales of research and geography.

I conducted extensive online research for this map, and due to restrictions on space I had to leave out a number of other sites that I learned about. The illustrations were created in Procreate for iPad and the main map was assembled and typeset in Photoshop. It is my hope that my map will be accepted by GC for publication in the new atlas. If so, I’ll be sure to post an update about that!