Playa Vista


This real estate map was commissioned by a realtor in Playa Vista, California. Nicknamed “Silicon Beach” for it’s mass influx of big tech companies like Google, YouTube and Yahoo, this chic beachside community is only 15 miles southwest of L.A. and feels like the hippest and most happening young community on the West Coast! This map began as a watercolor painting (for the foundation) but everything else is digitally created. There are more than 65 individual buildings on this map, each created in the realistic architectural design of the real place. All 29 beautiful public parks and green spaces (and a few of their landscape and sculptural features) are also shown. Countless hours were spent in researching every single property and drawing each to be recognizable to anyone familiar with the neighborhood. I was sure to include plenty of people doing some of the things that make Playa Vista a fun and enjoyable place to live — shopping, sports, live music and dancing, food trucks and dog parks.

This map is approximately 11″ x 17″ wide and has a TON of stuff going on, so I’ve included a couple close-up views to show off the details. It will be printed and mailed or handed out to current and prospective residents. What an innovative and fun way to market real estate!

More information about this map, and Playa Vista properties, is available here.