I used a Tombow calligraphy pen (one of my favorites!) to create the lines for this map. This was a concept design for a map to accompany a magazine story about surfing along the beautiful northeast coast of Costa Rica. Using only black ink lines and type — and sacrificing color and icons — allows for a simple, no-frills map style that helps orient the reader without distracting too much from the photos on the page.
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Marriott Hotels in Spartanburg, South Carolina, wanted to promote a few of the scenic attractions available to visitors to the area. So they commissioned me to create this illustrated map highlighting various parks, trails and waterfalls in and around Hub City. A smaller inset map was included to show 6 destinations that are “worth the drive.” I’ve never been to South Carolina, but when I do I definitely want to check out Spartanburg…and now I have a handy map to show me around!
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Sisters of St. Joseph

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, Pennsylvania are celebrating their 150th anniversary this year. They have planned a special farm-to-table dinner and a walking tour of their historic grounds. This illustrated map will be handed out to help guide visitors to various locations around the parish grounds; each station will feature photos and interesting information.
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