The Artist

Maps have been a passion of mine since I first opened the giant map insert I found inside one of my father’s National Geographic magazines. Fast forward several decades and maps still command my attention more than ever (hence the emphatic “Maps!” in my name). Over the past 10 years I’ve been creating maps for various outlets — editorial (print), promotional (web) and personal use. As you browse my collection of maps, you’ll see a range of styles — that’s because I like to experiment with various media and techniques to best match the personality of the content, and context. Every map is an exciting journey of discovery and each one I create takes on a unique life of its own. During the research and the planning I do for every project, I end up learning so much. And certainly that’s what makes creating maps so much fun for me!

I am a biology major, amateur naturalist, worldwide traveler, ex-zookeeper and former art director and illustrator for Trusted Media Brands. Currently I am an independent mapmaker based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (it’s sandwiched between two of the largest freshwater lakes in the world: Lake Superior is #1, Lake Michigan is #4). I am fortunate to have free access to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s American Geographical Society Library.  It contains over 1.3 million items supporting map instruction, research and learning. The collection includes maps, atlases, books, periodicals, photographic and film media, and geospatial data. The oldest map in their collection is the famous Mappamundi by Giovanni Leardo.

When I’m not in my studio I love to travel and pursue outdoor adventures such as hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. I also love reading, birding and photography, and am always on the lookout for the next cool map to add to my collection.

I’d love to work with you to illustrate a custom map that best fits your own needs. Shoot me a message if you want to work together!