Key West


I created this vibrant map of Old Town Key West as an entry to a map illustration contest. They Draw and Travel recently teamed up with Stroly International for the contest they called Mapping Special Places. The mission was to create a map of a place that is very special to you⁠—a neighborhood or city you know very well and love greatly. Imagine you are taking your best friend to this place…What sites would you see? What activities would you do? What museums might you visit? Where will you grab a coffee or enjoy a meal? What experiences will you have? Your map will serve both as a guide for others as well as a commemoration of your very special place.”

Though I spent only 3 days in Key West in the late summer of 2018, I fell in love immediately with the place! The warmth and humidity were a big reason, of course (coming from the frigid tundra of Wisconsin). But I also loved the bright tropical colors, the lush vegetation and fragrant flowers, the sight and sound of birds and the taste of fresh fish. I tried to convey some of those same sensory experiences in this map.