Creating a custom map together is an exciting process. Below are seven steps my maps typically follow:

  1. Consult  Every map project begins with a consultation. I’d love to hear what kind of map you are looking for, how it will be used, what you want featured, etc. We will also talk about why style and medium you like and fits your particular project.
  2. Cost  You need to know the price, but before I can provide a quote I’ll need to know the scope, size, style and level of detail you want.
  3. Contract  As soon as you’e ready I’ll send you my standard Letter of Agreement which outlines all the specific details. I ask for a 50% down payment to get started.
  4. Commence  This is the fun part! I’ll send you updates to keep you informed of my progress and to ensure everything is on track.
  5. Creation  Making a custom map can take anywhere from a week to several months, it all depends on the level of complexity and your timeline.
  6. Completion  When completed, you’ll review and approve the final design. Final payment is due before the final map is delivered.
  7. Celebrate!  Your custom map is now ready to publish, print or use however you wish.
Let’s Make a Map!