“Breaking News!” – 3/01/20

“This just in”…a fire broke out, a train derailed, troops were deployed, a suspect is at large, flights are delayed. News stories like these break around the world, every day and around the clock. Maps are a critical component of communicating one of the “5 Ws” (Who, What, Where and When). News maps help answer the reader’s questions of Do I know the place? Is it far from me? Do I know someone who lives near there and could they be affected by this news? But they can be also tell much more than the location of the story. For example, they can describe a sequence of events of a military conflict, or help convey the scope and scale of a natural disaster or disease outbreak. News outlets (newspapers, TV stations, websites) rely heavily on maps during elections to depict voting or polling results in a city,  state or country. Many of them turn to News4Maps.

News4Maps is a tight team of map fanatics based in Netherlands who caters exclusively to news outlets. “Maps4News was created with the needs of data journalists in mind. Maps4News is the most comprehensive map solution in the News Media Industry. Use it to create and publish beautiful basic story locators or to make map visualizations of your data. They create, design and develop the Maps4News service with passion and a close attention to detail. They are proud of their longstanding relationships with journalists, news organizations and press agencies all over the world.