Google Maps, Solar System Edition – 1/11/20

Google Maps lets you travel effortlessly around planet Earth, we all know that. You can view just about any location on the globe in Street View, or Satellite View. But did you know that you can also zip around the Solar System via simulated hyperspace to similarly view planets and moods? Check out Venus, Ganymede or even Pluto! Using your mouse you can revolve each one to view various named craters and other landforms.

Try it yourself, here’s how (I believe it only works right now using Google Chrome):

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Click the “Satellite view” button at the lower-left of the screen.
  3. Click the super-tiny “Global view” button at the top of the navigation controls in your browser’s lower-right corner.
  4. Using either the “-” key, your mouse wheel, or the Google Maps zoom controls, zoom out until you’re in the planetary view of Earth.
  5. Select one of the various planets and moons from the list on the left, and you’ll blast through hyperspace to your new destination. Eligible destinations include Mars (to visit Dr. Manhattan), Europa (to recreate the journey of that 2013 sci-fi film), and the International Space Station (to say hello to everyone currently zooming around our planet).