4,000 hours of North America – 10/13/19

“Anton Thomas is a New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist and cartographer who’s been drawing a massive pictorial map of North America since 2014. His fascination with North America knows no bounds. Actually, scratch that, it knows these bounds: four years, 4,000 hours, three trips across the Pacific, and 47 by 59 inches of paper, covered with a painstakingly hand-drawn map of the continent that he says captured his “geographic heart.”

Drawing this map would be my love letter to a continent. I wanted to share my appreciation for its geography with everyone else, in a way that would encourage geographic curiosity in people regardless of their interest in the topic. I felt that this style of hand-drawn map might be a good way to articulate geography to everyone—from the layperson to the cartographer.” [Source:]