Let’s Map the Ocean Floor! – 3/6/19


Did you know…we have more complete maps of the surface of Mars and the Moon are than of our own planet!  But in June 2017, at the United Nations Ocean Conference, an ambitious project — on the scale of a deep-space mission — was launched. It’s goal: to gather all available bathymetric (ocean bottom) data to produce the first definitive high-resolution map of the world ocean floor by the year 2030. The project was given the name Seabed 2030 and is the collaborative effort between the Nippon Foundation of Japan and the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO).

“The Seabed 2030 Project will co-operate and collaborate with international organizations, ongoing mapping initiatives, the scientific community, universities, non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), maritime industries, youth organizations, explorers and citizens to: 1) bring together pre-existing data, 2) provide data that are currently not in the public domain, 3) plan cruises to previously unmapped regions and 4) help us get the message out for building a stronger global movement.” [Source:]