Map Lover Turned Store Owner – 2/24

Chris Johnson is a 57-yr old Greensboro, North Carolina native who traded in his career as a computer aided draftsman for ownership of the region’s only map store. Pathfinders offers “maps, globes, atlases, flags, GPS and hiking maps.” He says most people want maps for display.  3D laser-cut wood maps of North Carolina lakes and waterways, featuring shoreline topography and recessed lake depths, are his store’s flagship items.

Johnson opened Pathfinders just last year, specializing in maps and mapping services to the whole of the Appalachian Mountains, western and northwest North Carolina, southern Virginia and West Virginia, eastern Tennessee and northeast Georgia. His target customers are vacationers looking to navigate the area by plane, boat, car, cycle or on foot. But any map looks good just hanging on the wall, too. Kudos to Chris Johnson…the world needs more map stores!