Map of My Heart – 2/14/19

On Valentine’s Day — or any day, really — ask yourself this question: What Do I Love? It’s a simple enough question but the answers may not come easily! It’s a fun exercise, though, one that is often done with children in grade school. Yet it’s never too late to reacquaint yourself with yourself.

To make a map of your heart, just take a sheet of paper and draw the outline of a big heart. Then, inside of it, start drawing sections of varying sizes that correspond to the various things you really love. What’s your favorite food? Movie? Music? Book? Who do you enjoy spending time with? Do you have a favorite color? Animal? What was your favorite vacation? Who is your favorite actor? Whatever it is you really LOVE, put it inside your map! Don’t leave anything out, and don’t be shy, this is for your eyes only. Add some labels and maybe some color and voila! You’ve just made a map of your heart. Now tuck away somewhere only you can find it, and revisit it from time to time, maybe adding new things and subtracting others. The map of your heart is a living, beating thing…it is always inside of you. Treat it well!