Map of Your Favorite British TV Show Settings – 2/11/19

Are you a fan of British TV shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Midsomer Murders or Downton Abbey? The real-world settings of these fictional shows, and many more, are plotted out for you in a cool poster created by Chicago-based designer Tim Ritz. “The poster even zooms in to map London-specific shows on the city level, and tells you not only where shows are set, but where they’re actually shot and which channel they air on. The Great British Bake Off’s latest series was filmed in Welford Park, just west of London. The UK version of The Office is set in the same county, in Slough, about 20 miles from London. The teen drama Skins is set in Bristol, another one of those towns many Americans have heard of but may have no idea how to find on a map (it’s in South West England).” [Source: Mental]