Stories in Maps of the Grand Canyon – 2/8/19

“For a geographer or cartographer, a map unfolds a story. They are intricate tapestries that can depict economical, political, and even cultural patterns of a region. Matthew Toro, director at the Map and Geospatial Hub at the Arizona State University Libraries, studies maps, imagery, and geospatial data—from web-based interactives to physical charts. He uses maps to better understand social and environmental issues, such as trends in population demographics of urban areas, sea level rise, and the history of exploration. He and his team at ASU are currently digitizing and cataloging hundreds of maps of the Grand Canyon in celebration of the national park’s centennial this year.”

“When you start to appreciate what goes into making maps, there’s an entire scientific intellectual lineage of admirable explorers who risk their lives just to collect raw data about where things are,” Toro says. Click here to check out a short video. You can take a better look of these historic maps of the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest here. Links in the captions allow you to view them in high resolution. [Source:]