Murder Maps – 2/1/19

I just discovered a series on Netflix called Murder Maps (OK, I admit, the “Maps” got my attention right away!). “The series transports us to the Victorian era and beyond to learn about some of England’s most notorious and intriguing murder cases. Host Nicholas Day revisits the locations of diabolical crime scenes, introduces us to the perpetrators and their victims, as well as the newly-created Metropolitan Police and the field of crime-fighting called forensics — clevernew techniques that helped them solve these often gruesome crimes.” Last night I watched Episode 1 of the first season titled “The Bermondsey Horror” and found it to be a bloody good show! I really like Day’s narrative style and the re-enactments were smashing! In each episode, maps take the viewer to the various scenes of the crimes and help orient us to 1800s London. If you like maps, history, crime dramas and a cracking good detective story, I think you’ll really enjoy Murder Maps.