Memorial Map to Mourn Loved Ones – 1/28/19

Jeremiah Lindemann is a GIS mapmaker employed by the company ESRI (maker of the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software). He lost his kid brother to an opioid overdose over a decade ago. But seeing so many others grieving over their loved ones who have died from drug overdose, the pain of his loss is fresh as ever. So Jeremiah decided to put his training and personal story toward helping others by creating an online Memorial Map.

Lindemann’s map enables loved ones to post pictures of absent friends and relatives, along with a brief tribute. Alongside the photo gallery is a map that displays where lives were lost, as well as a tally of the death toll in a given community. So far, more than 1,900 people have posted photos and shared stories of loved ones who have died, most of them in the United States, but a few in farther-flung locations such as England, South Africa, Ireland and Australia .” [Source:]