Wearable Maps – 1/27/19

“True North Map Company is the passion of Jerod Arlich and Joe Spadino, local Boundary Water Enthusiasts, who have spent thousands of hours in canoes and on portage trails. They understand the importance of navigation and the need to have the map fully accessible to follow along with the contours of the lake and checking off landmarks such as campsite and island as you go and wanted a map that didn’t need to be confined to a case. So they did. True North Map Company produces maps that can be worn, stuffed, washed, written on and used over and over again. A map that is now up to the rigors of a BWCA trip.”

“Combining the most accurate GIS data, with microfiber flexibility, Joe and Jerod have created a fabric map that is wearable, durable, and functional for a wilderness adventure.”

Though I think I would rather navigate with the reliable paper (coated to be rip-proof and waterproof) maps, this is still a novel idea. I’ve been anxious to make it back to the BWCAW for my 4th trip so maybe I’ll place an order and give it a try!